Library is the temple of learning as such it is given top priority and centrally located independent building. Library is the gateway to knowledge and culture. New education policy insists on learner-cantered learning and Library is the best place, where it can take place. The resources and services they offer create opportunities for learning, support literacy and education, and help shape new ideas and perspectives that are central to a creative and innovative society.
As it is a user-friendly library, there is an endless flow of users. They make profitable use of the leisure and they rush to the library at the earliest opportunity.  The orientation, freshers receive from the library personnel gives a clear picture of the books available, rules and regulations to be followed and so on.


The library at Government College for Women is more like Integrated Knowledge Resource Centre that is stocked with 54,718 books, 352 CDROMs/DVDs, references,  covering all aspects of academic studies and research materials. College Library has over 6,000 online journals and 31,50,000 e-books (INFLIBNET N-LIST). Access to e-journals, databases etc. is provided through Portal

( All e-resources are accessible locally within the campus as well as remotely.

• Library is fully automated
• On-Line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is provided to search for information through Author, Subject, Title, ISBN, Call No, keywords etc. to know the status or availability of the book.
• 12 Computers are provided to access the e-resources N-LIST, DELNET, Shoshana, NDL, MOOCs, E-PGPATHSALA, SWAYAMPRABHA, etc.
• Separate cubicles for staff and students
• Reference books and Competitive books are issued daily after college hours.
• Library provides facility of in-house and remote access N-LIST e-resources for the benefit of users
• An orientation program was conducted for the first-year students with easy access to library resources and e-resources.
• Book Bank facility for SC/ST students is available and all books are issued in each semester and collected at the end of each semester as per Govt. rules.
• Semester question papers, Newspaper clippings, e-resources, Photo Gallery of library are available on the library
• Best Library User Award and Best N-LIST User Award is announced for staff and students every year.
• Printing and Xerox facility are provided to staff and students.
• Back Volumes are kept separately for users.
The central library provides congenial atmosphere for students and staff, who want to make use of the resources.

To provide the  institution and its stakeholders seem less access to widest possible spectrum of  information resources such as digital, online databases, print and non=print materials relevant to curricular informational and innovative research needs of academic community.

The Library acts as the main learning resource center of the college provides services and facilities to meet the requirement of teaching.